Best Collaboration Software

Having the right collaboration software can be a game changer no matter what kind of business you’re running. It can help your team communicate better and track nearly everything. Basically, it can make you and your team more productive as it helps you work smarter. If you want to experience these perks, here are some of the best collaboration software that you need to need to consider.


Trello, one of the most user-friendly collaboration software programs today as allows you to completely personalize the boards you make. It is an effective tool for overseeing work and workflows with both internal teams and external partners.

Trello is available online and through downloadable desktop (Mac OS, Windows) and mobile applications (Android, iPhone, and iPad). The drag-and-drop functionality of the online app is excellent, and it also works well for when you wish to add attachments.

If you want to try it out first, you can create a free account. But, the features are limited. To completely enjoy all of them, you may subscribe for $12.50 per person.


Zoho is one of the popular collaboration software today, particularly to small to midsize companies due to the deep feature set, integrated gamification features, as well as flexible AI layer that ti offers at a good price.

Apart from desktops, the software is also available to teams who use iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t offer free trials, unlike Trello. But, it comes in four pricing tiers (Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate) that can fit any budget.

The cheapest plan, Standard, provides the fewest features and costs $14 per user each month. The majority of the core module will be included along with the workflows, numerous pipelines, and all of the custom dashboards mentioned above.

If you prefer to have all the features and perks that Zoho can offer, might as well pay for the Ultimate tier, which costs $52 per user a month.


Slack is yet another collaboration software that’s known for having a great team chat tool with lots of sophisticated features and a wealth of settings, which allows you to integrate with numerous other collaboration and office tools. Plus, it’s highly customizable.

However, it is one of the most expensive collaboration tools. The good news is that it only charges you for active team members. In case one member becomes inactive midway through the subscription, the software credits your account a discounted price.

If you want to try it out first, luckily, Slack has a free plan. This lets you have as many members as you need in your account. But, note that there are limitations to its features.


Many companies also love Asana as you can manage a variety of activities with the help of it. The best part of it is that it rolls out major features almost every year. Although it could be difficult to understand at first, its flexibility and extensive possibilities are well worth the time and effort it takes to learn.

Asana’s price range is between $13.49 and $30.49 per person per month, which is quite expensive compared to other collaboration software. But, considering what it can bring ot the table, it sure is worth its price.

Don’t worry if you want to try it out first or if you’re on a budget as it provides free service. However, of course, you’re only limited to its basic features.


ClickUp strikes a careful balance between offering the ideal number of functionality and guaranteeing accessibility and affordability. It also provides tools for team collaboration and shared task-setting, along with project updates and status notifications to better align workflows with objectives.

Basically, ClickUp is like the Swiss Army knife when it comes to collaboration and project management. Hence, many businesses love it.

But, just because it’s like that, doesn’t mean it comes with a hefty price tag. Luckily, ClickUp has some of the most affordable pricing in the market today. You can get it for free or you can subscribe for as low as $5 a month per user.